Quaker Congo Partnership
Quakers working together for peace and development in D R Congo

Quakers from the UK have partnered with Quakers in war-torn eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to help alleviate ill-health and poverty. Three years on, amid continuing violence and insecurity, the Quaker Congo Partnership (QCP) has developed local skills, services and facilities.

We're appealing for funds to build on these achievements over the next few years.

People in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo continue to suffer immensely from violence, instability and poverty, and natural disaster as well - not least as a result of the calamitous wars in the region since 1998.

The Quakers of CEEACO in eastern Congo are working to rebuild their communities in peace, providing medical care, trauma counselling, income generating opportunities and other initiatives to benefit men, women and children of all religious and ethnic groups.

Please join us in supporting them in their important work.

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Within this website you will find information about us, our partners and their priority projects which we are supporting,  including regular news of how the projects and our partnership are progressing, and the impact our support is having.  You have the opportunity to donate now, online or by post, and to get involved to help us raise funds and awareness where you are, and among your networks - you will find additional information and resources among the Useful information and links to help you do so.

While you are here, please take a minute to use the guestbook to share your thoughts and views - and do please contact us with any queries or suggestions.

Thank you for your interest and support.

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