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Our current priorities are to raise money for a new operating table and birthing chair and to equip the hospital with showers, washbasins and additional toilets.

Monitoring the elections in DRC
Elections are due to be held in DRC on Sunday 30th December

The election could be a root of conflict or violence and so local organisations, CEEACO and Initiatives pour la Réconciliation Communautaire (INIREC), have decided to reduce the risk of electoral violence by monitoring and observing the election. This is especially important as EU observers have been banned from doing so.

The work will include: registering observers, training them, seeking accreditation for them and printing T shirts so that they are visible. On election day the observers will be deployed in election centres in the town of Uvira and the territory of Fizi; and be provided with food and drink. Afterwards a feedback meeting will be convened with all observers and reports will be written.

QCP is supporting this work financially as we consider it to be an important contribution that we can make to peace in the DRC.

Please click on the images below to read:

1. an illustrated report of our trustees' visit to the Congo in 2017

2. an excellent overview of our work, published in the Appropriate Technology journal.

  Alternative Technology

Men, women and children sing hymns as part of a church service during our 2017 visit to the Congo

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if you follow and support us, you might like to get more involved and become a trustee.

We also seek people with experience and knowledge of fund raising - especially relating to young people, food and agriculture - to suggest new events or campaigns that will help us better to support our projects.

Click on the picture below to read an article that describes the worsening security situation in the Congo and the reasons behind it.

A report of our previous visit to the Congo can be found here and a video is below.

The East of the Democratic Republic of Congo is still recovering from the African  War 1998 - 2003 in which 5,000,000 people died. In 2007 UK Quakers helped fund completion of a Peace Centre in Uvira and were impressed by the meticulous receipts sent for the work done. Two-way visits followed and, in 2009, UK and E Congolese Quakers formed the Quaker Congo Partnership, based on formal agreements that set out our shared roles and responsibilities for core projects. 

We now seek more trustees & associates with experience & enthusiasm to help in this work.

Trustees discern the charity's way  forward. As well as trustees with general skills, we are seeking a clerk or co-clerks with experience of Quaker business method to replace those whose terms of office are ending.  

Associates contribute their skills, mostly assessment, research, and translation in small groups which focus on particular projects or aspects of our work: hospital care, trauma counselling, micro-credit and fresh water... or on fund-raising, publicity, risk etc.  They're not final decision-makers but inform the Trustees' discernment.  

Interest in rural development in Africa is required. French is helpful but not essential. Quakers and non-Quakers are welcome.

If you would like to explore these roles, please contact Catherine Putz holtomputz@3-c.coop

People in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo continue to suffer immensely from violence, instability and poverty, and natural disaster as well - not least as a result of the calamitous wars in the region since 1998.

The Quakers of CEEACO in eastern Congo are working to rebuild their communities in peace, providing medical care, trauma counselling, income generating opportunities and other initiatives to benefit men, women and children of all religious and ethnic groups.

Please join us in supporting them in their important work.

 Doctors outside the Hospital
Within this website you will find information about us, our partners and their priority projects which we are supporting,  including regular news of how the projects and our partnership are progressing, and the impact our support is having.  You have the opportunity to donate now, online or by post, and to get involved to help us raise funds and awareness where you are, and among your networks - you will find additional information and resources among the Useful information and links to help you do so.

While you are here, please take a minute to use the guestbook to share your thoughts and views - and do please contact us with any queries or suggestions.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Young mother and baby 

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